Why Choosing a Self Catering Apartment for Your Family Holiday is Your Best Choice

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There was a time when going on holiday automatically meant having to book a hotel, but those times are long gone; more and more people are opting to spend their well-earned free time in a self-catering apartment. Considering the many advantages the self-catering apartment offers, it’s completely understandable that it is growing in popularity – the purpose of a vacation is to unwind, relax and experience freedom, after all.

More and more self-catering apartments are available to the public, and the trend is sure to continue (which, of course, is great news for the consumer). But what exactly are the benefits? Here’s why choosing a self-catering apartment for your family holiday is your best choice.

A Larger place

Hotel rooms are notorious for their small spaces – and when you’re alone or have to go out a lot, you may find that acceptable. However, if you’re going to stay somewhere with your family (and possibly young kids), more space is required. Self-catering accommodations ensure that you have a lot of space; it’s really more value for money.

A better menu

It may seem nice to have a nice menu in hotels, but it soon becomes very limited and boring; and we haven’t even mentioned the costs yet. Getting a self-catering apartment ensures you have a great kitchen so you can prepare your own favourite meals. If you don’t feel like cooking, you can go out and try the local restaurants, which are bound to be a lot more financially-wise than the expensive hotels.

More freedom

You don’t need to worry about the schedule that the hotel (or alternative accommodations) imposes on you – you can arrange your own schedule the way you want it. This is a tremendous relief, especially when you have various family members who each have their own needs.

Modern comforts

The self-catering apartment truly is a home away from home. You will have all the amenities you need, including a great kitchen, a place to do the laundry (if you feel so inclined), entertainment options, several rooms, and so on. It’s equipped with all the modern comforts.


You don’t need to worry about other people bothering you (or your kids bothering other people). You have complete privacy and are not restricted by formalities.

Here’s another advantage to self-catering apartments, such as Edinburgh apartments, that needs to be mentioned – it turns out that staying in a self-catering apartment allows you to save a lot of money or spend your funds on truly entertaining activities. Meals, snacks, and drinks tend to be a lot more expensive in hotels, and all these expenses amount to quite a lot of money over the course of days or weeks. The self-catering apartment allows you lots of financial benefits as well.