Trying to Sell Your Home? Have it Serviced for Pests First  

Real Estate

When you are selling your home you certainly want to get as much as you can for it, and one way to do that is to have your home serviced for pests before you sell it.

A home is most people’s biggest purchase in their lives, they don’t want any hidden problems

A primary factor in buying a home is that you’ll have peace of mind when you buy it. Unfortunately, pest problems and seeing pests is one factor that can quickly kill someone’s peace of mind.

This is why it is important to eliminate as many of those factors that destroy peace of mind as you can when you are selling your home. Having your home treated by a pest control service before you sell can be one effective way to do that.

Just like in the used car industry, no one wants to buy a “lemon” and the same goes for buying a home. People want to know that there aren’t any hidden surprises that are going to get them after they have made their purchase.

People will pay more for added luxuries when buying a home

Think back to the car example; you could buy the standard model and get the basics you need, but you certainly wouldn’t pay as much for that car as you would the luxury model. With power windows, gps, heated seats, and leather among other things, you could charge more for that car and people would buy it. It’s the same way in a home.

With new kitchens, recently remodeled bedrooms, new flooring, as well as being treated for pests on a regular basis, these added features will let people know your home has been taken care of rather than just being left to fall apart.

Having your home serviced for pests could even save you money

Pest issues tend to be an out-of-sight, out-of-mind sort of thing for most people, unfortunately this doesn’t mean that pest issues aren’t present if you don’t see them.

More often than not, pests tend to hide out in cracks, crevices and wall voids around your home. You may only see a pest every now and then, but in reality, there could be hundreds of pests you don’t even know are there.

This could be an important factor in the sale of your home. Some pest issues, like termites, could cost thousands of dollars in damage that you may not even know is there.

If you wait until selling your home to do anything about it, this could really backfire on you. For example the termite inspection often happens when an offer is already on the table from a potential buyer and deadlines are in place trying to be met.

If there are termites discovered or pest damage in your home this could cost you thousands in repairs before you sell, cause you to have to lower the selling price to keep the sale, and could even cost you the sale of your home if the damage is too extensive.

The last thing you want is to have to sell your home for less or keep your home on the market for months longer than you anticipated for in order to fix existing pest issues in your home. This is yet another reason why to have your home serviced by a pest control company before you sell your home.

Get the most out of your home by having it serviced for pests before you sell.