How to Smartly Convert 1 BHK Apartment into a 1.5/2 BHK Apartment


Are you usually looking for an additional closet storage space? If yes, you should dedicate some time to know a few tricks, by the help of which you may convert your 1BHK Apartment into a 1.5/2 BHK Apartment. This is applicable more to, say, flats in Bangalore, Mumbai, and other prime metro cities where the space is already limited and there is always an effort to make a small space appear big.

Create Separate Zones in the Available Space

Give yourself a moment to think about the necessary things to place within the space available at your home, such as things to work, have food, relax and sleep. Later on, you should create separate zones within the room to perform various activities and thereby, evoke a feeling of largeness.

Choose Smart Lighting Options

Lighting at home does not always imply placing a tube light in a room. Instead, it indicates the placement of a light structured in a way that is capable of illuminating the available space, such as floor lamps, table lamps placed nearby the bed, console lights and ceiling lights, all of which intend to set your mood. Research has proven that colors have a big impact on the mood. So choose the best colors that will always energize you.

Smart Storage of Items is Essential

You should opt to do smart storage of each daily use items, which include bathroom supplies and cleaning products in the form of labeled boxes as well as maintain a stack of such items within a closed space. In this way, you will be able to give a neat look to the entire room. Furthermore, you should take your shoes off the floor racks and store them in the uppermost shelf of your closet or over-the-door rack.

Prefer a Single Tone with Light Colors

Colors play a major role to add both space and depth to a particular area. Hence, as an owner of a 1BHK apartment, you should definitely choose even-toned and soothing rooms to get an illusion of an additional space in your home. Moreover, you should paint the walls and ceiling of the room in various light tones, such as cream, white, light browns, beige and gray with the objective to create a continuous visual sequence.

Control the Clutter of your Household Items

Although, the trick may appear cliché to us, but it has a huge significance in creating additional space in your home. You should immediately get rid of furniture items, files, clothes and similar other stuffs, which you no longer require or will never ever use. Also, you should make sure to keep limited furniture to avoid injury and hence, provide adequate space for family members for moving around.

Strategic Placement of Mirrors

Lastly, you should put efforts to create a long lasting impression of additional space in your home by simply placing mirrors in a strategic way and thereby, illuminate much of artificial or natural light as possible. Along with this, you should opt for see-through furnishing options and curtains, as floor to the ceiling to give a big look to your home.