How Are All the Festivals Celebrated in Co-Working Spaces in India – Detailed Guide


The one benefit that all co-working spaces have in common, is the benefit of networking and collaboration. This opportunity of networking and collaborating come a lot easier and quicker during the various events conducted by these co-working spaces for those working in those spaces.

When it comes to the co-working spaces in India, like a coworking space in Gurgaon, celebrating festivals, big or small, is one of the best ways to help people network and create collaborating opportunities.

Here are the 5 incredible ways in which festivals are celebrated in co-working spaces in India –

  1. Active participation and involvement

All startups, freelancers, and other co-workers sharing the working space, are asked to actively participate in the preparations of the festival at the co-working space. These preparations and decorations, and celebrating the customs and traditions of a festival, brings about coordination and the sense of being part of something common.

  1. Gift distribution

Gifts are distributed by the co-working centers to everyone working there during the festival time. This brings about a sense of celebration and a festive cheer in the environment, as everyone spends some quality time together and have fun.

  1. “Posing” together

Picture-taking is a must during special occasions and festival time makes it a vital activity for everyone. Co-working spaces use this to initiate networking among the people working there.

People click lots of pictures during festivals and these co-working spaces use that mood to bring everyone together to pose for pictures highlighting the essence of that festival. Being involved with others in an activity even as small as this, brings about a sense of festivity and unity, which serves as an excellent opportunity for networking.

  1. Competitions, games and workshops

Lots of games, events, competitions and workshops are conducted to celebrate festivals in the co-working spaces in India. Events like these bring liveliness in the environment and bring in an excellent bonding opportunity for everyone involved.

  1. Festivity discounts

A lot of co-working spaces offer discounts & deals on their spaces & services during the festival time.

In general, festival time in India is a time of cheer and inspiration for everyone, and the co-working spaces in India are using these occasions perfectly to benefit everyone working under the shared roof.