Effectively Stage Your Home for Sale


If you are looking to sell your home and need some tips to help in making the sale quickly, you will want to stage it with a fabulous look that appeals to buyers.

If you can’t be bothered with staging and want to sell quickly, view this website now and make a quick sale without a hassle or expense. Some people may not want strangers walking through their home, and this might be a solution to that reservation. Otherwise, here are some staging tips that can help make a successful sale quickly.

Boost the Curb Appeal of the Home

You might want to start by washing the house siding and walkways with a power wash. Add greenery, plants and bright flowers to enliven the outside look. The numbers on your house should be large and easy to see, for potential buyers that cruise by the property. Repaint the porch if necessary and be sure that the front windows are clean.

A Porch That Invites Will Welcome Visitors

Besides adding flowers, you might invest in some nice porch chairs or furniture. Replace a worn doormat with an inviting new one. If the house is to be shown towards dusk or evening, add some lighting for the walkway.

Get Rid of Clutter

Store what is not needed to clear counters and tables of unsightly and unnecessary so that the potential buyers can imagine the home as theirs. Stash your stuff in a garage or storage unit during the time your home is for sale. Make your home look clean, yet lived in, with such items as fresh flowers or a bowl of fruit.

Make Each Room Count

If you have a spare room that is just for storing things, now is the time to fix it up so that potential buyers can imagine it as an office, a kid’s room or a guest bedroom. You can decorate it with inexpensive furnishings that will give it a whole new look as well as purpose.

Move the Furniture

You might want to move all furniture away from walls. Arrange it to make a conversation area that is inviting to those looking at your home to make it theirs.

Add Artwork or Accents to Entice the Buyer

They should want to move throughout the house, and a well-placed painting can continue the interest and make a drab spot interesting again. The top of stairs as well as hallways are a good place to add interest; art and flowers brighten up a space and will encourage the buyer to explore more.

Get Rid of Pet Odors (but not the Pets)

Area rugs should be vacuumed or washed. Steam clean carpets and hide all pet toys when buyers are scheduled.

For more tips on making your home more sale-able by staging it right, visit the Houzz website. Forbes Magazine suggests getting a storage unit and other tips to effectively sell hour home fast.