About Rafleys.com


Rafleys.com is one of the trustworthy names in property renting industry in Spain. It covers all parts of Spain to rent you a house of your dreams on best possible prices.

Spain is known as heaven on earth due to its awesome beaches, great climate and natural beauty. People from all corners of the world prefer to spend their vacations with their family or partners in several parts of the country.

To make your dreams come true, Rafleys.com is here to serve you to rent a house, villa or flat on any prime location in Spain.

Being the member of AVVA (ASOCIACIÓN DE VIVIENDAS TURÍSTICAS DE ANDALUCÍA), Rafleys is a trendsetter for the new comers in the field.

Why Choose Rafleys.com

Rafleys has the solution for all of your problems through one window operation as per rental property management is concerned with A-Z list of services. No matter you are a home owner, guest or a landlord, Rafleys.com has the abilities to serve you as you can expect from a world class server in this regard. Their highly experienced and top professional team is always willing to help you out in any aspect of the touring and rental industry.

Aims and Objectives

Rafleys comes up with a clear cut objective to provide the best holiday rentals experience to both homeowners or landlords and tourists. They have the ability to take care of every detail and share the practical prospective to the owners on 24/7 basis. Beside this Rafleys.com is always there to support and pay extra attention to its honorable guests which they need to enjoy their vacation and tours in Spain.

Client Satisfaction

Rafleys has a huge circle of satisfied and happy clients from all around the globe. They have very pleasant memories by having Rafleys.com as their host. Because of outstanding hosting abilities, Rafleys is ultimate choice for their forthcoming tours to Spain.

It is all because Rafleys didn’t prioritize the business only, the take extra care to their valuable clients. As it is stated by Silvia, who is working as Client Relationship Manager in Rafleys, “Our clients value our work for our flexible and caring approach, and it is very important to us to keep our quality of service at the top. Therefore we care enormously about the quality of all providers and services that we recommend.”

As a growing tourist company in Spain, Rafleys.com keeps its door open for everyone and every single firm that are serving in the relevant field. For this purpose, their message is very much clear as they stated at their site ralfleys.com that if you share our customer centered drive, do not hesitate to send us your collaboration form.

About the Team

Every successful firm need to have result oriented team to fulfill the requirements to stay on top. Rafleys.com is very lucky in this regard too.

Leyla Badalyan, Managing Director of Rafleys.com proudly said in an interview, “Each and every one of our employees represent the spirit of our company: driven, committed, and acutely aware of how limitless Rafleys’ potential is to grow. We go to great lengths to identify self-starters with diverse experience and skill sets to produce not just an effective workforce, but a well-rounded, talented and complementary team.”