Crucial Tips for Moving Across Canada


Sometimes when people move, they are just moving across town. Plans for such moves can be made with minimal stress, cost, and planning. But if there’s a big moving job that must be tackled, people need to know that there are competent, efficient, affordable services available. If the move is of monumental proportions – the move in question might be across a large nation such as Canada; right across the 7,821 kilometers of the Trans-Canada Highway – then you’ll need to really trust the company that you hire. Maybe the planned move is from Vancouver to Edmonton, or maybe from Calgary to Ontario. Canada is a large, vast expanse of land, and so a move across the country’s massive width requires some intricate resources and planning to get the job done correctly and with minimal hassle – coordinating with experienced long distance movers in Canada is going to be your key to success. 

An important thing to consideris that you will initially need to decide on the mode of transportation that lends itself best to the move. The options for getting you and your possessions across Canada are varied. One that most people think of first is U-HAUL, which can sometimes be convenient even though it may not be the best option from an economical point of view. And it must be remembered that with the U-HAUL option, you will personally be doing the driving in stressful conditions such as thick traffic or icy and inclement weather. Streets can be narrow and high-way exits can be hard to navigate; if you’re not experienced with maps and GPS just getting where you need to go can become a seemingly impossible task.

Another option to look into is renting a semi-trailer. Rarely do these big rigs make their hauls with full-capacity loads, so individuals can rent any available space that is left over, even for moving one’s things across the country! Purchasing an affordable van to move and then reselling it at the point of destination is another transportation option when moving across Canada. If that option is unattractive, movers who specialize in relocation services may be your best bet, as they make it their priority to get your things from point A to point B unscathed.


 Whichever option is chosen for the transportation to Vancouver or any other Canadian city, the next crucial tip is to make sure to have plans for the forwarding of mail to the new address. Canada is a large nation, so time needs to be allowed to process the change of address. Requesting six months of mail forwarding is usually recommended and can be expected to cost about fifty dollars. The Trans-Canada Highway may be taking someone to a new life in a new locale, but people should also know that storage is another alternative in the city they are departing form. Fees for storage are usually reasonable for several rooms of furniture, which you can deal with later. Often people like to start fresh in a new city upon arrival and to customize the interiors to their new homes.