Top Tips for Renovating and Decorating your first home


Settling down and choosing your first home is possibly one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. Not only does creating your first home provide you with great satisfaction, but it is always a fantastic way to start making money. Embarking on your first property venture can initially feel like a chore as finding a suitable area that suits all your needs is a huge and challenging process in itself, which is sometimes where property specialists RW Invest come in. Finding yourself a company or individual where you can gain professional advice can really help you on your way to make the best decision for you.

So, what are the next steps? You have finally found a house that meets your criteria and are ready to move in and put your own stamp on the design and interior. Decorating a whole house from top to bottom is big task, but this is the beauty about buying your first house. The freedom of designing your home how you want it is both exhilarating and rewarding. Here are some top tips for furnishing your new abode.


Neutral tones provide a home with a bright, fresh and airy feel. Choosing whites, beiges, greys and the new combination of ‘greige’, is a wise decision as they can easily complement other more powerful colours around your home, whether this is in a feature wall or a darker dash of colour in furnishings such as rugs, cushions and curtains. Neutral tones are timeless and will keep your home looking modern into the forthcoming years, preventing it ever looking tired or outdated.

Make Lists

Decorating your home can be time-consuming so in order to work as efficiently as possible it is wise to write down your plan and devise a budget to prevent your spending above what you need to. Lists can come in handy through the whole of the renovation process. It may be easier to devise a list per room, what do you need to buy? What do you already have? Lists don’t have to be on a piece of paper, as often these can become misplaced. Making lists on your phone may be easier as this is always at hand should you need to refer to it or edit it at the click of a button.

Have a budget

Budgeting is key for every renovation and is a clear indicator as to whether you are overspending. After parting with a large upfront deposit, gathering the money together to decorate your home can sometimes be difficult. When you are shopping for new furniture, it is easy to become excited and spend money you don’t have on impulse buys. By devising a budget, this will help curb your unnecessary spending, meaning you still have money available for your essentials. If you have some money spare after your outgoings and you have stuck to your budget, you can happily buy something from your wish list guilt free.

Get clued up

Know your home inside out. I know this may seem like it is stating the obvious, but it is surprising how many people fall in love with an item of furniture only to discover the size doesn’t fit in their home upon delivery. Shopping around large open showrooms often play tricks on the buyer and actually make items look smaller than they are. Be smart and measure everything to ensure the items you want are a perfect fit.