Top Four Home Water Leak Prevention Tips


Going home to a flooded house is probably the worst nightmare one could ever face. Faucet broken; electrical wires and devices, along with other items soaking wet; your furniture and beddings damaged by the water; and your gadgets floating. With this disaster welcoming you home, you surely wouldn’t know what to do first.

In this article, we’re not going to talk about the step-by-step solution to water leakage. Instead, we’re aiming that you wouldn’t reach that stage anymore by following these simple tips on how to prevent water leakage at home. These preventive measures are very basic. You shouldn’t miss any of them if you don’t want to drown in a sea of regrets.

Monitor your garden

You might ask, why the garden? What does it have to do with water leakage inside the house? Well, not knowing the answer to that question is the reason why some households suddenly experience plumbing leaks without seeing any signs beforehand. We advise you to check your garden plants, especially tall and old trees with roots that reach up to your plumbing pipes underneath. You have to immediately cut these roots or have them trimmed by tree maintenance pros to avoid any damage to your plumbing pipes.

Maintain your plumbing fixtures

Nothing can be more directly connected to your plumbing leakages than this simple step. Sure, you’re busy but it takes prudence and commitment to protect your family from any untoward incident. It’s noteworthy to know the different types of water leaks that can occur in your home.

One preventive measure to ensure their protection is by getting your plumbing fixtures inspected by professionals at least twice a year. If this is your practice, then you can be sure that your faucets, shower, and even plumbing pipes will be protected.

Use water leak detectors

In the advanced world where we live in and in the expanding internet of things, you don’t need to do some chores on your own. Instead there are advanced devices which will do things for you, and most of the time, even more accurately that you ever can.

One such device is a water leak detector. This vital plumbing device has an alarm indicator to alert you whenever it detects a leak. You just need to place it in any part of your house where leaks can take place and its sensors will be prompted when water goes into that portion of your home. Some more advanced models can even be connected to a mobile app so you can be alerted through your phone wherever you maybe.

Protect your pipes

Lastly, you have to make sure that the pipes where water in your house flows, are protected from any external factors that may damage them. There are numerous contributors to the wearing out of your plumbing pipes. Some of which are extreme temperature, ongoing underground construction nearby, and frequent change in water pressure in your community. These factors and more may lead to gradual or immediate damage to your pipes.

Therefore, take precaution and install shelves or some form of protection to your pipes all around the house, indoors and outdoors, to avoid any damage on these vital plumbing fixtures.