Tips That First Time Home Sellers Need To Know


Selling your home can be a daunting and nerve-wracking experience.  This is generally worse when you are selling a property for the first time.  While you might know the steps that you have to take, you are never fully prepared for the selling process.  Fortunately, there are many tips that can help any first time home seller make this process as smooth as possible.

Price Your Home Correctly

The most important tip that you can ever hear when it comes to selling your home is to price it correctly.  You need to ensure that you are not overvaluing or undervaluing your home as well as pricing it in a way that will attract buyers.  It is recommended that you enlist the help of a good listing agent who can complete a valuation for you.  You should not only work on the pricing advice given to you by that one relative that dabbles in real estate.

An experienced listing agent will be able to accurately assess the true value of the house and offer some guidance on the asking price you should use.  It is recommended that you look at listing agents only as they will have your best interests in mind when handling the property.  It is important to note that if you call in an agent to provide a valuation, you do not have to use them to list and sell the house.  

Get Advice On Preparing Your Home For Sale

Knowing the best asking price for your home is a good start, but you also need to make your home as attractive to buyers as possible.  This is why you need to get some advice on what you need to do to your home.  If you are going to be using an agent to sell the house, you should ask them for some advice.  You can also ask the agents who provided a valuation for advice, but they might not provide much if you are not going to use them to sell the property.

It has been found that homes generally show better when around half the furniture has been removed.  This is due to the fact that the house appears larger and there is less clutter for potential buyers to navigate around.  You might also want to complete small improvements in the house, but do not go overboard.  If you are putting in a new kitchen, you have to ensure that you are going to be making the costs back with extra.

Choose The Best Day To List Your Home

Many first time home sellers do not realize that there are some days that are better for listing their homes.  The day and time will vary depending on where you are located, the time of year, the weather and the state of your home.  There are other factors that can also play a role that you might need to consider.  The reason why you need to choose the right day to list your home is the simple fact that you only ever get one chance to make a first impression on the buyer’s market.

Know The Real Estate Agents Commission

Before you get too far into the sale of your home, you need to know about the commission that your agent is going to take.  This is generally something that you should do before you commit to using the agent.  When you know the commission structure, you can determine if this is worthwhile and whether or not you should use the agent.  

While discussing the commission structure with the agent, you should also find out if they are going to be charging other fees.  There are some agents who do not include all marketing costs into their commission fees.  This means that you might have to pay them more than the commission for certain tasks that they complete such as taking pictures of the house and marketing it.

Of course, when considering the commission fees, you should not simply work with the cheapest agent.  They will generally have a low commission structure for a reason and you generally want to avoid this.  You have to consider the costs of using the agent in conjunction with their experience and what they can offer you.

Be Flexible With Showings

A mistake that many first time home sellers make is not being flexible with showing times.  This is generally due to the fact that they find showings to be an inconvenience for them.  If you are not flexible with your showing times, you are going to be losing out on potential buyers.  If a buyer wants to see your home, you should let them because this is the best way to hook them into a sale.

It is recommended that you leave the house when there is a showing.  You might feel that you want to meet the potential buyer, but you also need to consider that anything you say could be used against you in any price negotiations.  Additionally, the agent that comes with the buyers will know how to sell your home better than you can.

Have An Open House If You Can

An open house is very different to private showings and you should have one if your house is conducive to it.  It is important to note that not all houses are good candidates for this.  To determine if your home is good for an open house, you need to carefully consider the location.

Your home needs to be located in the Cincinnati real estate market that is close to traffic or routes where people will see the signs for the open house and be attracted by it.  You should ask your selling agent about the option of an open house because they might advertise open houses online.  There are many buyers who fall in love with a house on an open day even if it is not a house they would generally consider.

The process of selling your home can be a daunting one even for people who have done this before.  Each home is different and there are different problems that could come up.  The best way to overcome most of these issues is to have a good seller’s agent that you can talk to and who has the experience to correctly help you.