Popular Luxury Homes Styles


Buying or building a home is not an easy thing. A lot of things need to be addressed and keep in consideration before spending your money onto it. Design, Architecture, trending styles need to understand. Contact BRIKS Construction to get the best architectures and services.

Architecture and styles intend to change so before taking a step toward your own luxury house it is important to do your homework and to know which style is trending these days.

Everyone wants to spend money on the house that looks extremely stylish and beautiful, that makes everyone fall in love with it. It is important to not take risk and take the help of a house architecture that will help you to incorporate your idea with the style. There are endless ideas and designs when it comes to the house. Following are some styles ideas that help you to understand what you really want from your house.

  1. Storybrook

This luxury home architecture is for those people who wants to live in a fairy tale world. It looks like a house of a fairy land with uneven rooftops , cobblestones and unique door and window styles.

This type of house will surely stand out and not only you but people will also fall in love with this kind of fairytale house

  1. Spanish Colonial styles

Spanish colonial style houses are the mixture of craftsman and contemporary style.These styles are mostly painted in earthly tone colors. These homes have flat roofs and tall windows.

  1. Bungalow

This is another common and popular style house that has flat pitched roofs and these houses are small compared to other large luxury houses. The best thing about this type of house is its compact properties. Bungalows are often compared to craftsman style houses.

Bungalows are mostly made up of wooden and block material. Bungalows are nothing if they are not surrounded by plants and heavily packed garden. The green scenery makes it the perfect choice for the nature loving people.

  1. Modern style house

This style is most common in western countries. House architecture is based on contemporary styles. Mainly focus is on less furniture while having everything trendy, simple and classy.

These houses are not overly decorated with chandeliers, decor items, extra detailing to everything and other fancy stuff like other luxury houses have. These houses mostly have the dull kind of color scheme like earthly tone colors or grays and white. The design might consist of big glass windows with minimal furniture that will make the room spacious and calm.

BRIKS Designers will help you in Luxury Home Construction for you. They provide you the designer that creates the best design for you according to your choice.