How to pass New Jersey Real Estate Sales Exam Questions


In New Jersey, the real estate sales exam questions are one hundred percent multiple-choice questions. The sales exam is forty-five questions on practices and principles of real estate, forty-five questions covering New Federal and New Jersey laws, and ten questions which need mathematics calculations. This exam covers New Jersey real estate laws and principles; there are questions which cover real estate investment, brokerage management, closing disclosure form, and much more. You need a score of at least seventy-five percent to pass. Below are techniques that will help you pass the exam on the first try.

Tips for Class Study

Have you enrolled for the pre-license course? You need to make sure that you use your time well in class. Your textbooks and instructors are the resources you require to be the right real estate student, but you will have to study hard to get there.

Put your focus on learning material, keep up with the class, and study during the down time. Cramming is not the right way to study; therefore, you need to manage all the time leading to the exam and pace yourself. Make flashcards, use practice tests, and hand yourself healthy breaks between classes and study sessions.

Exam Prep Course

The pre-license course will prepare you for New Jersey real estate sales exam questions. You will become a great real estate sales agent or broker. Nevertheless, not all courses are created in an equal manner. Majority of the courses do not have exam preparation; therefore, you may want to sign-up for an additional exam preparation course in the market. The classes and sessions are intensive and commonly take place during weekends. It is advantageous to sign up for this course a few days before the exam. You also need to find a pre-license course including the main course at no additional cost to make sure that you pass the exam on the first try.

Test Taking Tips

In case you have kids that have had to take big exams, the same rules apply to you. It is not good to stay up cramming and there is no need of getting worried. Since you have been studying for long, you need confidence in your knowledge and abide by the testing tips below;

  • Get a good night sleep on the night before taking New Jersey real estate sales exam
  • Take a balanced breakfast

Set out the required materials needed for the test the night before the test so that you remember carrying them. This is inclusive of the identification forms with one of them having your signature and photo, a pre-licensing education completion certificate, a jacket in case the test center is cold, and a calculator for doing math.

To become successful as a real estate sales broker or agent, you need to start by passing the exam. Cross a step from the list and pass your exam on the first take. The study tools and resources are here to help you pass; you have to know where to look for them. In case you have not signed up for the pre-license course, consider a real estate school with a record and student satisfaction including student satisfaction at no additional course.