Great Short Let London Apartment Decorative Ideas


Short let London apartments are great for flexibility and make excellent alternatives to hotels if renters find that they need to stay somewhere for a while but aren’t in a position to put down roots. There are a variety of reasons why renters might want a short let, perhaps to stay in London for work, if they are waiting for a completion date when purchasing a property, tourism, somewhere to stay while they are awaiting repairs on their own property or even the desire to get to know an area before they make a more permanent decision. All in all, apartments offered as a short term let can make for a lucrative investment, but special consideration does need to be made in regard to decoration if you are to maximise profit, read on for some advice.


Most short term let renters are not going to be arriving on the doorstep with all their furnishings. If you consider the reasons why they might be looking for a short term let you can clearly see that in most cases it would be impractical for them to move in with their own furniture. Normally, renters are going to expect to turn up to a fully furnished apartment that is ready for them to move into. So, as a minimum, you will need to provide a bed, wardrobe, table and chairs, sofa, oven, fridge, freezer, and washing machine. In London, it is extremely likely that renters are also going to expect that this furniture is going to be high-quality. Choosing simple high-end pieces built to last means that you won’t find yourself replacing furniture constantly and you should find your property very easy to let.


Short let London apartments are generally small simply because of the price of property in the city. As such when decorating your apartment, it might be worth bearing in mind that lighter colours give the illusion that a space is bigger. Go for light greys or browns rather than creams, however as these are easier to keep clean and might save you in terms of redecorating costs. Keeping a neutral palette also means that you can attract as many renters as possible, it might seem boring, but everyone’s tastes are different, and neutrality means that renters can add their own little touches if they wish.


Lighting is also essential when it comes to a London apartment, as it brightens up spaces and aids with creating the illusion of space. If the property is blessed with natural light, ensure that furniture is placed to maximise the effects of this. Otherwise, it might be necessary to bring in some lighting products in the form of lamps or pendant lighting. It might be an idea to invest in LED lighting, this can save money as they are more economical when it comes to electricity usage and they are also very trendy and smart.