All You Need To Know About Roofs



Roof, as we all know it, is an integral part of any building or a house. It covers the upper most surface of the building and it can act as partition between the floors as well.It serves many functions varying from providing insulation to protection. Roof provides privacy, stability, security, protection from heat, wind, snow, rain etc. If you need to rebuild your house or build a new house then the MCS Lynnwood Roofing Contractors would be the best option for you.

Factors to Consider For Roof

There are many factors to keep in mind when deciding which roof to install, like:

  • The kind of shapes
  • Kind of materials used to build a roof
  • How long will it last
  • How much you are willing to spend on it

Kind of shape depends upon the place you need the roofing for. For example,a residential house requires gable, hipped, mansard, flat, or shed roofs. A warehouse requires a gambrel and intersecting roof. A school or college requires a gable, gambrel or shed roof.

Materials used for roofing are Asphalt shingles, Concrete, Metal, Wood shingles, Wood shakes, Clay tile, etc.

Most common of these is ‘asphalt shingles’. Almost 80% of Washington state residencies have this roof installed. The reason this is most common is that it

  • Can be recycled
  • Is eco-friendly
  • Affordable and has Long durability
  • Is fire and moisture resistant
  • Is Algae resistant
  • Easy to install and Lightweight

The main component of shingle is fiberglass which provides resistance from fire and moisture. Later in the process the shingle is processed with asphalt and coated with granules which help in drawing away the UV rays.

There have been significant innovations in roofing over the years. ‘Green roof system’ is one of them. It is a high maintenance system that requires water proofing, a well-managed drainage system, beautiful plants and a proper built in medium for them to grow. Another innovative system involves using ‘glass roofing’ which helps keeping the house warm using sunlight without having to use the solar panels. This involves incorporation of glass in clay tiles which gives a translucent icy final look.

Hence, there are a lot of options and variations when it comes to choosing the best roof. There are many companies around the world which provide a wide range of roof system with best quality and long term benefits. Not only do they install new roof systems but also deal with fixing roof and ceiling leaks and repair. MCS Roofing Company provides the best roofing services in all many areas of United States, you could contact them and get the best roof for your home.