A cordless drill is a powerful tool used for boring holes


A cordless drill is a powerful tool used for boring holes, driving or removing screws, bolts and fasteners, and stirring plasters, among others. Some even have a hammer as well as polishing and cleaning functionalities. These tools are primarily used for woodworks, metal fabrication as well as construction or even demolition for that matter.

Why go for cordless?

A cordless drill is a drill that is essentially powered by a battery as opposed to a corded drill which needs to be plugged to an electrical outlet for a power source. The significant advantage of a cordless drill is portability. As long the battery is charged, you can practically use the tool anywhere you need it especially in areas where there is no power, or the electrical outlet is out of reach. That allows you more freedom in moving around the work area. Moreover, it does away with hassles and troubles associated with dangling and entangling electric cables that can sometimes get in the way of your work. However, these advantages also come with minor drawbacks:

For one, you need to make sure that your batteries are charged regularly.

Secondly, you must carry with you a spare battery in case your battery loses power in the middle of work.

What makes the best cordless drill?

Long lasting and fast charging battery: The battery is the life of a cordless drill. Without the batteries, this tool is practically useless. The best cordless drill has the longest lasting battery, which can allow you to work for a longer period. Moreover, the battery must be fast charging so that you’ll get back to work in no time in case the battery loses charge. The best modern cordless drills rechargeable Li-ion batteries. You can compare battery life for cordless drill at this site.

High drilling power: The drilling power of cordless drill is primarily determined on its volts; the higher the voltage, the greater the power. The greater the power, the stronger its capacity to pierce through solid materials and the faster it drives screws. The best cordless drill must provide the highest drilling power.

Adjustable Speed: The speed of the cordless drill pertains to the revolutions per minute of the drill. The best cordless drill comes with modifiable speed settings to provide you control so that the tool can be appropriately adapted to the demands of its use. Its speed can be adjusted high for drilling into cement surfaces or metals and adjusted slowly for driving small screws in delicate surfaces.

Versatility: The best cordless drill offers flexibility regarding function, which is primarily determined by the different bits it can accommodate. The drill usually comes with twist drill bits, counterbore drill bits, flat bottom boring bit, screws bits of different sizes, bold extractor bit, polisher and brush adaptor, etc whether they come as part of the package toolset or as separate purchases, the more types of bits that you can attach to a cordless drill to serve different functionalities, the more versatile the drill becomes.

Other considerations: Other essential characteristics considered for the best cordless drill includes a LED light that allows you to work in dark places or conditions; a reverse toggle for attaching and detaching screws or bolts, and a right-hand grip so that the tool can allow you to work as comfortable as possible.

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