Carpet cleaning- methods and benefits


Carpets are the best way to decorate the house floors. They are classy and elegant. Not just that carpet provides a cozy and warm feel to the house. Carpets have a problem and that is their quality of absorbing dust and dirt. Carpets also absorb liquids, food items spill on it, that leaves stains, and oil marks. Clean carpets can make your house very comfortable but if the carpets are dirty, no matter how clean your house is, they will make it look and smell bad.  Dust and stains also decrease the life of the carpet. A carpet, which is not being cleaned properly, will start looking worn down in just 2 to 3 years.

Many people think that vacuuming is enough to clean carpets, which is not true. Vacuuming can only remove dust and that will be only from the upper layer of the carpet. It will not even remove dust from the deep layers. It also cannot remove stains and germs from carpets. to get carpet cleaned properly and thoroughly, it is important to get it cleaned by professional cleaners at least one a year and if the house has many members it needs to be cleaned twice a year.

Professional carpet cleaning involves many methods but there are only two, which are popular because of their hundred percent results, dry carpet cleaning and steam cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning is more popular for commercial carpets because of less time involved in the cleaning and drying. This type of cleaning makes carpet like new and people can move back into the house with n 2 to 4 hours. Steam carpet cleaning is also a good method but it requires too much time for the carpet to dry off completely after the cleaning because of the great water requirement.

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